Woodwind Lessons

Other than the human voice, the woodwind family’s flute is the oldest documented musical instrument, estimated to be 40,000 years old. Whether you’re interested in the classical variety, big band ensembles, or lean towards soulful styles, you’ve come to the right place. Harmony Music School’s woodwinds curriculum gives the exact instruction you need to become classically trained as well as confident in playing a variety of styles.

Whatever your experience, whatever your goals our award-winning staff is dedicated to making you the musician and performer you want to be. Our goal is and always will be, to help every student become a musician.

At Harmony Music School, we offer lessons for woodwind instruments using a proprietary teaching method that is so effective that we back it up with our own, personal guarantee. If a student doesn’t perform to the level we guarantee after actively committing to the program we’ll refund their tuition in full. This is our commitment to investing in their education from the moment they begin.

Woodwind Lessons

HMS Tina EllaThe curriculum definitely solidifies her ability to see a note starting from Middle C and know how to go up on the scale or down on the scale. For Voice her, she loves to sing, so it was easy! Her voice is her instrument, she really likes that piece of it. Seeing the notes, seeing the keyboard, and singing with it has really helped her a lot!
-Tina & Ella

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Unlike most teaching programs, our curriculum is student-driven and it allows the mentor and student to consistently know where we are at in the lesson plan.

Woodwind Lessons

Learn how to read, write, compose music, and play guitar in a way that provides classical training as well as the confidence to create your own style and music.

  • Interactive videos assist with at-home practice and retention.
  • Learn to sing and perform songs quickly with our easy-to-follow accelerated learning program.
  • Stay on track with regular assessments.
  • Perform with friends in live bands.
  • And, have fun while you’re learning!

No More Boring Lessons

Our program is designed to help students have fun while they learn to create a more enjoyable experience - guaranteed.

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