The curriculum definitely solidifies her ability to see a note starting from Middle C and know how to go up on the scale or down on the scale. For Voice her, she loves to sing, so it was easy! Her voice is her instrument, she really likes that piece of it. Seeing the notes, seeing the keyboard, and singing with it has really helped her a lot!

-Tina & Ella


I love doing musicals at school and I decided I needed to improve my voice. I get to use my own songs, If I ever come in and want to work on something, we get to do that right away. -Gracie

She has become much more confident in her voice and her abilities. -Eric

-Eric & Gracie


She has grown progressively over the past year. She has participated in the youth orchestra, has done four shows, and a recital this past May. She has grown as an artist and is doing very well. All the students practice and participate, they all play together like musicians!

-Barbara & Lauren


I’ve been at Harmony for 6 years now. Harmony has helped me develop as a musical. I started out knowing nothing, and now I’ve come to the point where I’m playing in the school’s Jazz band and I was the pianist for the All County Jazz Band, it’s definitely taken me a long way!

-River Grace


His teacher at Harmony is so patient with him, unlike his teacher from years ago. He now has a new love for music!

-Sam C.


I’m having fun and I love the teachers, they’re really nice. I really liked singing “Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend” because we got to sing with two other people. We got to dress up with jewelry and costumes. It is really fun to sing with the other girls!

-Souha H.