Our Story

The founder of Harmony Music had his three children in regular music lessons.

After three years of them struggling and with thousands of dollars spent, he saw little progress. He became tired of hearing, “they just need to practice more,” and seeing subpar recitals. On top of all this his kids had no desire to practice!

He held a belief that everyone can learn how to play an instrument, and enjoy playing for a lifetime.

But the way music was taught at the time did not help the vast majority of people learn how to play music and have a great experience. After talking to parents and students who had negative experiences with their own music lessons, he discovered people wanted a fun environment that teaches good fundamentals, creates a great experience and has exciting performances.

This began several years of searching…

…to find the most unique and effective ways to learn while being engaged and also enjoying the experience. This research created the ideas of Harmony Music School and a system called Instrument Performance Composition College, or IPCC. The Harmony IPCC System was created with the help of parents and students based on what they wanted from their music education. The founder of Harmony Music also collaborated with experts in every field of education and successful music studios from coast to coast. IPCC is his vision of an engaging education system that produces event-based experience, with one unconditional goal: to help every student become a musician.

A note from the founder

Thank you for visiting Harmony Music. We really appreciate you taking time getting to know more about us. Harmony Music School was created out of necessity for myself as a parent and for every other parent like you who’s looking for the best opportunity for their child. I wanted a system that would work for my children. I didn’t see anything happening with them or having any success in learning how to play. So, I set out to develop a system with accelerated learning that also taught fundamentals in a way that engaged the student that would give them an education that was an experience they could enjoy. With the help of parents and students based on what they wanted from their music education and collaboration with experts in every field of education, successful music studios from coast to coast and looking for the latest technology available, I created IPCC (Instrument, Performance, Composition, College). IPCC is a system to engage the student in using the latest technology and learning systems while having fun. The first part of the curriculum teaches the student how to use their instrument. The second part teaches them how to perform with the instrument.The creative part is where we teach them how to produce their own concert where they develop their own music, create their own band ensembles and create a show from start to finish.The college part is, our students can begin to think about using their music to pay for college… BTW, did you know, there is more music scholarship available than there is athletic scholarship! Harmony Music’s goal is simple–to help you and your child to have a great experience learning to play music. So, please come and be a part of Harmony Music. Have a great time and learn how to become a musician for a lifetime. And, oh yeah, by the way. I didn’t want one more thing to cost you a lot of extra money, so I guarantee my system will work for you and your family or your money back. You either play or you don’t pay. So, again, thank you for coming to Harmony Music. Enjoy yourself and remember, music lasts a lifetime.

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