Guaranteed Results

Guaranteed Results

A message from our Creative Arts Director

The power of our proven curriculum

We believe so much in the power of our proven curriculum, and in case you have any doubts about our system, we want to offer you a guarantee. If your child doesn’t perform to the level we guarantee after actively committing to the program we’ll refund their tuition in full. This is our commitment to investing in your child from the moment they begin.

Guaranteed Results

Q: What is our unique IPCC teaching method?

A: IPCC stands for ‘Instrument, Performance, Composition College’

After years of research in the most effective educational methods, we have created IPCC. IPCC incorporates student centered learning, collaborative classes, educational gaming and mastery based curriculum. These methodologies in conjunction with IPCC enables us to have an accelerated music education system. Most importantly, what does that mean for our students? We offer an engaging program that is fun, accelerates students performance, and creates a great experience with our unique events and themed-concerts.

What Sets Us Apart:

• 100% Money Back Guarantee*

• Create and Perform in a Band

• Themed Concerts (Halloween, Christmas, Classical vs. Casual Clash)

• Online Game Learning

• Cross State, Major Cities, Unique Venues

• Personalized Student YouTube Channel

• On Site Performance Venue

• College Educated Mentors

• Online Class Work

• Cutting Edge Curriculum & Student Driven Peer Learning

• Learn to Read and Write Music

Voice & Singing Lessons