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Amanda LaPointe
“Harmony music school is so wonderful. Their teachers are highly rated and so patient with the kids yet they push them and help them learn music theory while having so much fun!! I see so many children walking out of the classrooms looking enlightened and eager to tell their parents what they just learned.”

River Grace
“When I was eleven I asked by parents for piano lessons as a birthday gift, so they signed me up at Harmony Music School. I studied piano there for 6 years, and Harmony truly developed me into an accomplished musician. I started out knowing nothing, and got to the point where I played in my school’s Jazz band and I became the pianist for the All County Jazz Band. Now that I’m in college, I’ve even begun conducting orchestras for musical theatre. Harmony definitely gave me a great foundation for music performance and helped instill confidence in me to share my passion with others! I highly recommend Harmony Music School.”
Katrina Francis
“My 5 year old son has Ms. Omyra as an instructor. He LOVES taking guitar lessons with her. She adjusts to my son’s learning capabilites very well, and she works at his pace. Harmony Music schools offers a flexible schedule. I love that the students go through books that get progressively harder. It is a way to measure progress, and I love seeing the assessments.”