while creating life-time experiences.
With all the uncertainty in the world today we wanted to create an environment that keeps your child safe, engaged and happy while learning a gift that lasts a lifetime. A great experience with teachers that care about your child's growth and development. Our parent-friendly system allows students and parents to learn without stress. Enjoy helping your child when it's convenient for your family's schedule.

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Students have a great experience while learning quickly. We have developed a fun and simple "No Stress Lessons" that gives students confidence in themselves and their skills.

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Whether by Google, Facebook or Written Reviews our clients rave about our students success!
We have surpassed 1200 five-star reviews!

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We're so confident in our lessons that
You learn to play or you don't pay!

Our lessons work with students of all ages!

Collaborative Classes

Researchers report that, regardless of the subject matter, students working in small groups tend to learn more of what is taught and retain it longer than when the same content is presented in other instructional formats.

(Stanford University Research on Learning 2014)

Educational Gaming

While playing video games students adopt a mastery mindset that is highly conducive to learning. Moreover, students' interest and enjoyment in playing the music video game increased when playing with another student.

(Research Study NYU & CUNY Nov. 2013)

Mastery Based Curriculum

Teachers spend significantly more one-on-one time with students than in traditional classrooms, providing more feedback and immediate help for students. Increased opportunities for feedback improves student engagement significantly while raising mastery of subject.

(Gates Foundation Pilot Study with Kahn Academy 2011)







At Harmony Music School, we use the most current teaching methods in a student-driven environment to enhance mastery. We have systems in place that peak the students’ curiosity to want to learn. However, we do not cut out the important fundamentals. In fact, we teach more comprehensively than anyone else. Our unique teaching curriculum (IPCC) uses a tracking system that allows a student to know where they’re at in the curriculum at all times. Incorporating the latest technology, educational gaming, and using songs to teach, makes every class or concert a special event.

That’s why we say, ‘We Create Musicians!’

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