This is why we say, “We create musicians.”

We encourage accelerated learning with the latest technology of teaching methods so your child learns to play music faster, which keeps them excited about learning music. We make learning music fun and back it with an award-winning curriculum. Harmony Music is taking the traditional lesson to a whole new level.

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She has grown progressively over the past year. She has participated in the youth orchestra, has done four shows, and a recital this past May. She has grown as an artist and is doing very well. All the students practice and participate, they all play together like musicians!

-Barbara & Lauren

Our Curriculum

Harmony Music School has been a leader in music education in the Melbourne-Florida area. Teaching thousands of students – of all ages and expertise – not just how to play a wide variety of instruments, but how to experience music on a whole new level. Focused on event-based experiences, Harmony Music amplifies the traditional music education program and creates an unmatched experience for students and parents.

Our cutting-edge curriculum, Instrument Performance Creation College (IPCC), is the only of its kind and is founded on years of research from the nation’s leading educators, music studios, and parents. IPCC features interactive gaming, videos, assessments, labs, and performances that make learning fun and stimulating. Unlike most teaching programs, the curriculum is student-driven and it allows the mentor and student (and parent if applicable) to consistently know where their child is in the lesson plan.

  • Interactive videos assist with at-home practice and retention
  • Easy to follow accelerated learning program
  • Learn to play songs quickly
  • Perform with your friends in live bands
  • And, have fun while you’re learning!
Did you know? Harmony Music School students stay enrolled 2-3 times longer than any other traditional music info.
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Parent & Student Testimonials

I’ve been at Harmony for 6 years now. Harmony has helped me develop as a musical. I started out knowing nothing, and now I’ve come to the point where I’m playing in the school’s Jazz band and I was the pianist for the All County Jazz Band, it’s definitely taken me a long way!

-River Grace (Student since 2010)
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Guaranteed Results

We believe so much in the power of our proven curriculum, and in case you have any doubts about our system, we want to offer you a guarantee. If your child doesn’t perform to the level we guarantee after actively committing to the program, we will refund their tuition in full. This is our commitment to investing in your child from the moment they begin.

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Go behind the scenes of Harmony Music School and see all that we have to offer you and your child. Open houses are every Thursday from 5-7PM where you can grab a slice of pizza while you check out the facility, meet mentors and students, and learn more about opportunities for your child to thrive.